Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Basically im a young college student at SUNY Buffalo with a great new web 2.0 idea that I want to bring to life. Currently I'm working on the idea and plan for my web 2.0 property to be released near the end of the summer. I currently own and am only parking it until I can scrounge up some money to pay for people to help me program and to pay for supplies that I need. Currently I'm using an old computer to program on and wish I had some starting capitol for my idea. It be nice to have a computer that didn't freeze up when I loaded more then 2 applications at a time. This blog will be about my web 2.0 idea and just some cool web 2.0 properties I find on the net. Also drop me a line on if you want to ask some questions or want to help me design my web app. Can't really disclose it now because someone might beat me to the punch

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