Saturday, April 19, 2008

Read! - Part 2 of Web 2.0 Idea Implementation

Hey Internets


Its the weekend and many of you are probably going to sleep in late and/or coach potato it all weekend. For the person that's trying to get their web 2.0 startup going then your probably reading. Yes reading, learning, applying and hopefully enjoying yourself.

Many of you may have certifications or in the least general knowledge of programming languages. As a programmer or just a person with an idea it is very important that you read. You have to learn and understand different coding languages. It doesn't matter whether your going to code the project yourself or hire a programmer through Elance. No good architect has designed a building without first understanding construction.

Now its not a good idea to just learn one programming language. Its important that you do your research and learn about any and all programming language that may be relevant to your project. Only when you have read and understand the many programming languages out there can you move forward to the following question.

Will you use html? xml? javascript? php?

This is another brain storming period where you must think of what language your application or service will be created in. All programming languages have different limitations, requirements and learning curves. You should try to match your project's needs to a specific language or combination of. Using the proper programming language will immensely aid you in creating your project. To make the best decision you must of course read and if you truly desire to make your idea a reality this will be no problem.

I for one am lucky to have resources at work and enough money to buy books. But even if you have no money you can still read about many programming languages on the Internet. Become a sponge and really soak yourself in the knowledge offered by the Internet. Researching will not only enable you but will excite you as you get one step close to make your idea a reality. I leave you with some resources on the web and if you get really into it, some book recommendations on my amazon widget to the right.

Resources On The Web

- Did I really just list Google, the search engine, as a source? Well yes. Look up all the different programming languages that exist out there. Scour the internet for information and just read

Google Code University
- This is more specific then just searching on Google. Its full of content to teach you about different programming languages. May be hard to navigate at first but they have material from many Universities around the US

- A great place to start and study many different programming languages. They do full tutorials and would be a good reference in the future

As always you can e-mail me and I will definitely try to answer all my e-mails. You can also leave comments on the blog posts. Nothing is more important then helping people or hearing what people think of my blog. Thank you very much for reading and I'll try to post in the least one new topic everyday

Next Time:
The future posts in this series will have two parts because people choose different methods of implementing their web 2.0 idea. Some will code it themselves and some will hire a coder. So the next blog post in this series will have two paths. Coding the idea yourself and/or Hiring a coder on Elance.

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